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PureCM Delivers Business Value

When problems crop up during the software development lifecycle, it inevitably leads to delays which can have serious impact on ROI. Even if software projects are completed on time, if they are buggy or don't perform as expected, it can have even more drastic impact on ROI.

It is possible to manage risk and realize an immediate impact on ROI through a number of practices which will result in reduced cost, higher quality, more accurate estimations, increased rate of project success and better communication; all of which lead to an application working the way everyone wants it to resulting in an improved customer satisfaction rate.  

This white paper outlines specific methods that can be employed to reduce the risk of failure.

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Agile SCM Adoption - 10 Essential Practices

Agile development practices have gained wide acceptance throughout the software industry. But which are the critical success factors that drive the business benefits of an agile implementation? According to a recent survey, proper Software Configuration Management (SCM) is one of them. 

Learn about the 10 essential SCM practices that are key to an agile implementation, regardless of the size of your company. 

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Agile Scrum and PureCM

Scrum is currently the most widely used Agile methodology, as a recent study sponsored by VersionOne has shown.

Read this white paper to learn how you can mirror Scrum practices with the task-based approach in PureCM, by linking technical aspects of software development (code changes) to the meta-aspects (project details)

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How Agile Rapid Iterations Improve Software Quality

All agile methodologies recommend rapid iterations. One of the main benefits of rapid iterations is improving software quality and cutting down development costs.

This paper examines why rapid iterations improve software quality when combined with other agile principles. You will also learn why rapid iterations reduce development costs by tracking bugs at an early stage.

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Why Integrate Project and Configuration Management?

Agile practices put emphasis on faster delivery, which often results in more short term planning and frequent rescheduling. Development managers thus need to keep their projects much more release ready than ever before - a task highly facilitated by PureCM's integrated project and configuration management.

This white paper is also very insightful for existing PureCM users looking at migrating from a pre 2010-1 to post 2010-1 release.

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Modular Software and Version Control

Sharing components has got clear benefits, but there are important version control considerations that can help a development manager facilitate day-to-day management.

This white paper explains the options you have working with shared components and how you can get maximum transparency with minimal administrative overhead .

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Agile ALM: Impossible or Best of Both?

While agile principles put emphasis on team interaction, customer collaboration and responsiveness to change, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) often evokes associations with high degrees of formality and top-down process control. 

Read this white paper to learn about important challenges and available solutions when applying agile principles across the development lifecycle.

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Remote Development Considerations

Developers might spend a significant proportion of their time developing outside their offices, either connected via VPN or even disconnected. Sometimes, a network might be unavailable, cutting the connection between server and client.

Read this white paper to learn how PureCM allows you to keep on working remotely – both with and without a server connection.

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