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What's new in 2011-1 Professional?

Better project insight and easy to manage productivity plugins characterise the latest PureCM 2011-1 release.

Burndown and Task Status Charts

Get an instant overview about your project status. PureCM 2011-1's new charting enables you to visualise task status instantly - regardless of the number of projects you're running or how many different versions you've branched off. It's all there to provide you with an instant status update.

Email Notification, Issue Tracking Integration or Shadow Folders - Out of the Box

PureCM 2011-1 comes with a completely new and intuitive way to manage add ons. Simply enable its out of the box plugins for email notifications, FTP deployments or shadow folders by enabling the plugins in a simple XML file. Learn more about how to get started with the new PureCM plugins.

Update Preview for Workspaces

PureCM supports private workspaces. Your workspace will not be effected by other people's changes until you are ready. This has the obvious advantage that you can test your changes in isolation. PureCM 2011-1 now comes with a preview functionality to let you check your colleagues' changes before updating your workspace. Just for that bit of extra control.

Additional enhancements (just to name a few)

  • Ability to specify the default changeset in the GUI and Visual Studio client
  • Ability to specify the default editor and diff application according to the file extension
  • Simplified installation for evaluation purposes
  • Optimised performace, e.g. by performing server actions when it's not busy
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