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Web Development and PureCM

The challenge of web development that PureCM sets out to master is that of sustained parallel development with quality control mechanisms that do not inhibit creativity or a rapid development lifecycle while providing safe spots to quickly and easily rollback to if a problem is discovered in production.

Workflow and Automation

Reduce the complexity of parallel development by working with Features and Tasks instead of branching and merging.

  • Create, prioritize and assign tasks and features
  • Define the development stages you need
  • Automate or control the flow of changes through your stages

Quality Assurance

Make it easy for a change to be peer reviewed, tested and approved.

  • Focus on one task through all development stages
  • Simplify continuous integration for each stage
  • Easily introduce control gateways between deployments

Rollback and Recovery

Get peace of mind with multiple rollback and recovery options at hand.

  • Rollback individual tasks for small grained deployments
  • Create release snapshots as safety nets in seconds
  • Support proven backup and recovery tools for SQL Server
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