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Visual Studio Enhanced Integration

The SCC integration used for older versions of Visual Studio has already made life easier for countless developers. Now, with the enhanced PureCM integration for Visual Studio 2005 and later, there is no need to switch applications any more.

Basic Version Control Actions

Of course, developers get what they need most frequently: get solution, checkout, submit, view file history and update to latest. All of these commands use PureCM dialogues and their built-in diff functionality - or any 3rd party diff tool you define in PureCM. This allows developers to start working with PureCM in no time, facilitating acceptance and minimising training needs.

Grouping, Shelving and Submitting Changes

The SCC plugin and Visual SourceSafe are file-based - PureCM is task-based. This is why the ability to group checkouts into changesets is crucial. Create one or more changesets to organise your changed files, shelve them or submit them to complete work. Get your colleagues' submitted changesets and preview the changes before applying them to your private workspace.

NEW - Browsing and Managing the Project Repository

The PureCM Project view allows users to browse and manage projects stored in PureCM repositories. By making this view available in Visual Studio, you can now create version or feature branches, cut releases, access the project history or merge changes between branches. PureCM Professional users can even create, schedule and assign tasks to perform project management operations in Visual Studio.

Refactoring Support

Refactoring is not supported via the Microsoft SCC Interface. But now, you get full refactoring support with the PureCM enhanced Visual Studio plugin. PureCM will automatically detect and handle refactoring operations, even when other users are working on the same files. Make sure you don't file changes because of rename or move operations anymore.

Working with PureCM Tasks (PureCM Professional only)

Thanks to the flexibility of the new Visual Studio integration, you also get full access to tasks assigned to you or to the group(s) you belong to. This allows you to associate any changes to a PureCM task directly in Visual Studio to assure en-to-end project transparency. You can even take group tasks or create new ones if your permissions allow.


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