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PureCM is here to make your life easier, and that's where our visualisation tools come in. All the tools listed below are included in PureCM's standard licence. But if you want to use your favourite third-party tool instead, that's no problem. Just define it as your default application in your PureCM client.

Burndown and Task Status Charts

Project Managers get an instant overview about project and task status with PureCM Professional's new charting features. Charts are provided for both the project and version level, i.e. for each version branch existing in a project. To get even more detailled reports, Project Managers can use the additional report templates included in PureCM Professional.

Role-Based User Dashboard

With PureCM Professional, users can manage their tasks in a single view. This view automatically shows role-specific notifications only, e.g. pending merges between two releases to development managers and assigned tasks to developers. Of course, users can further customise the view so they get the information they really need.

Show Releases (Including a Specific Task)

As PureCM Professional is fully task-driven, development manager can easily get a list of all releases that included a specific task. The originally raised defect is your starting point to access this information with one click. A real time-saver if you need to know where a crucial bug fix has gone into, or which custom version is still missing it!

Project Activity and History

There's an automatic audit trail, as changes are always made chronologically. When was a task moved from the backlog to a new release? Who changed its priority? Who completed the change, and which files were included? Who merged the task to another release? As a development manager, you can visually track the project history and filter on specific releases, users and more.

File History View

Using PureCM's file-history dialogue, developers can see all revisions made to a file and compare them visually side-by-side. The file history also gives direct access to the changeset used to make the file revision. Developers can also synchronise their workspace back to a specific file revision to continue working with this exact version.

Annotated File History/Blame

On the file level, PureCM features an annotated file history so you can visualise file changes line-by-line. Colour codes highlight which line was changed when, by whom, and as part of which changeset. The annotated file history is fully dynamic, giving direct access to the relevant details to get more information about the underlying task.

Project/Folder Compare

PureCM lets you visually compare the files and folders that have changed in a project between any two points in time. This can be between two releases, between two versions or even between server and workspace. Besides highlighting the differences, a development manager can also export a list of all changes for further reporting.

Visual Merge Tool

PureCM will merge in two ways: 1) directly merging changesets between versions or features and 2) merging changes into a workspace, so the merge can be fully edited and tested before being submitted to the target version. Each time, PureCM's visual merge tool previews the merge result and automatically highlights conflicts in a fully editable three-pane view.

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