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2016-1 Release Notes


  • Add ability to list all submitted changesets for a repository.
  • Add ability to search for changesets based on description or client text.
  • Add policy for server rollback.
  • Respect 'Restore Modification Time' file type flag when merging changesets.
  • Significantly improve Projects View performance.
  • Support custom actions on a changeset.

Bug Fixes

  • Visual Studio - Support shared projects.
  • Visual Studio - Potential plugin crash when expanding a tree item.
  • Linux bug where unable to select radio buttons on the project item property sheet Stream page.
  • Changeset general fields are not selectable.
  • Not remembering small or large toolbar setting.
  • Not remembering workspace 'Store File Revisions in the Workspace' setting.
  • Unable to perform menu operations on a changeset item.
  • Project items refresh twice when clicked on in the Projects View.
  • Intermittent crash when resolving conflicts in the Changeset Dialog.
  • Ctrl-A is not working in multi-line text controls.
  • Task name is badly scrolled when opening a task.


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