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2014-2 Release Notes


  • New light and dark themes for PureCM client and Visual Studio plugin.
  • Creation History for a version, feature or release.
  • Ability to create a version from a release.
  • Ability to create a version or release from a changeset in the version history.
  • Ability to select the repository within the Explorer plugin.
  • 'pcm admin clear-project-stats' command.
  • More intelligent algorithm to determine the file in the destination based on the source file path during a merge.
  • Make partial merge pending if partial merge is a result of shared component.

Bug Fixes

  • Merge bug where files created as components can merge as baseless revisions.
  • Continue workspace update when a file fails because of workspace inconsistencies.
  • Merge should not show already integrated files from a shared component.
  • Merge of file edit after a file has been renamed in source version will always rename the file in the target version.
  • Update All not working if workspace status is out of date.
  • File diffs with embedded null characters throws exception and shows incomplete file.
  • Crash on client closedown if merge window is open.
  • 'pcm search' not working if the stream path and project item path clash.
  • Changeset Admin policy not using repository specific policyset.
  • Project charts not always accurate.
  • Creating streams retrospectively is including files added after the creation change in some scenarios.
  • Project folders not appearing when showing completed, closed and rejected tasks and features.
  • Project folders are included in the chart data as features.
  • Client crash when submitting with an issue and the issue is open.
  • Unable to create a workspace for a version owned by a different user or group.
  • Check consistency reverting file adds if they are checked out with no edits.
  • Incorrect warning when creating a shared folder to the root of an empty stream.
  • Menu to lock a stream is visible when the policy to lock a stream is disabled.
  • Projects view is not always refreshed after adding a shared folder.
  • Workspace shown as out of date if the last changeset did not contain any included files because of permissions of subfolders.
  • Release notes report does not generate if the changeset id is greater than 10,000.
  • Pressing enter in the filter bar is selecting the first filter type.


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