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2014-1 Release Notes


  • List all shared folders for a repository.
  • Do not show merge rules for streams you do not have access to.
  • GUI option to disable the workspace monitor.
  • Quicker GUI refresh after connecting/disconnecting.
  • Always create a new local changeset for rejected reviews.
  • Better Windows 8 support.
  • Improved Visual Studio 2013 experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to get checked out files from server when the file is deleted in the workspace.
  • PureCM.Client errors when trying to create a stream in the root folder.
  • Workspace errors when submitting a file add which is renamed without updating.
  • Issue status not updated after rejecting a review in the issue list.
  • Windows server does not clear all handles when authenicating with Domain.
  • XML files are not formatted properly when diffing.
  • Linux GUI not remembering position and size at closedown.
  • SCC - Only revert specified unchanged files during checkin.
  • Stream selection dialog is formatted badly when launched from the new report wizard.
  • Crash when loading report properties.


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