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2013-2 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

  • Support Visual Studio 2013.
  • Support Sublime Text 3.
  • Support IPv6.
  • Version changeset id includes placeholders for project name and version name.
  • My Workspaces shows how many workspaces are out of date.
  • Get files for a changeset without creating a workspace.
  • Right-click a changeset to compare files with another changeset.
  • 'pcm whatsnew' has --items flag to show which files have changed.
  • 'pcm search' command to search for files using the command line.
  • My workspaces 'Update All' only tries to update the workspaces which are known to be out of date.

Bug Fixes

  • Workspace view scrollbars are incorrectly positioned after resize in GUI and VS.
  • Stream compare on stream folder not working when launched from stream folder.
  • Duplicate change items created when integrating an add and the file has already been added.
  • RTF files default to binary file type for new installations.
  • My Workspaces labels are not always aligned.
  • Moving a feature will only set the first conflict change as pending. Other changes will be moved to excluded.
  • Repository selection dialog connection icons are updated following connect/disconnect.


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