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2013-1 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

  • Add merge rules to versions and features within the projects view.
  • Check consistency handles file renames.
  • Support retina and other high DPI displays.
  • Support SQL Server 2012.
  • Better Windows 8 support.
  • Show number of diffs and lines changed within Diff Dialog.
  • Unshelve dialog allows the selection of versions and features.

Minor Enhancements

  • Optimize checkout of hundreds of files.
  • Optimize check consistency.
  • Optimize revert when reverting hundreds of files.
  • Optimize deleting all events.
  • Optimize Visual Studio when selecting items in the Solution Explorer.
  • Support Word diffing in the review changeset dialog.
  • Better logging when configuring email plugin.
  • Ability to move rejected projects.
  • Locked users are now referred to as disabled.
  • Warning if trying to disable a user but the Nonlockable Account policy is set.
  • Point users to the Admin Guide after installing the Linux server.
  • Warning if default user passwords have not been changed.

Bug Fixes

  • Default release name is incorrect after completing a release within a version.
  • Harmless errors after switching or fixing a workspace.
  • Windows Explorer crash when running Windows 8 on 64 bit machine.
  • Features created with '/' character cannot be completed.
  • Client crash if a file is submitted with the '%' character in the name.
  • Word and Excel diffing not working on 64 bit machines.
  • Deleting a shelveset is not removing all the locks in a shared folder.
  • Error when changing the project stream folder.
  • Shelvesets are not including folder adds.
  • Workspace unlock does not refresh the file icon.
  • Stream creation changeset description is incorrectly updated in a workspace following a rollback or unshelve.
  • Visual Studio - file status not updating after adding a file to PureCM.
  • Visual Studio - adding a F# project to PureCM will try to add the references.
  • Visual Studio - opening a solution with a task creates a local and current task changeset.
  • Visual Studio - the Workspace Explorer and Changeset panes are not refreshed when switching solutions.
  • Linux - debian server will not start at run level 2.
  • Linux - unable to update the details for a task.
  • Linux - file annotation window legend is unreadble because of dark background.
  • Mac - the workspace splitter is badly positioned on startup.
  • SCC - potential crash with non VS applications.


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