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2012-2 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

  • 'pcm admin permissions' command to list permissions.
  • Rollback creates a pending changeset in merge rule.
  • Partially integrated changesets are shown in the merge rule.
  • SlickEdit support.
  • Update default file types to force flag for known extensions.
  • Implement progress bar during big merge.
  • Implement progress bar during feature complete.
  • Show log status in the GUI status bar with the ability to launch the log window.
  • Huge performance increase when reverting unchanged files.
  • Much quicker server startup, especially with lots of repositories.
  • Fix incorrect hash on the fly when generating file revision.
  • Continue with merge after resolving a conflict.
  • Better performance after merging a changeset with lots of pending changesets.
  • Better progress bar for Check Consistency Wizard.
  • SCC 64-Bit support.
  • Don't always hide the workspace advanced options.
  • Remove filter pages from Add Files dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • Merge overwriting file type in destination stream if different.
  • Crash if server goes down during workspace creation.
  • Deleting a stream with a policyset causes exception.
  • Fix possible multi-user crash.
  • Checkout slow when server is locked.
  • Run second instance of purecm-svc (SQLite) currently crashes.
  • Changeset dialog diff window shows 'too many lines' yellow bar but doesn't reset when changing files.
  • Workspace database can error after switching a workspace with multiple clients open.
  • Feature complete deletes empty folders in the parent version.
  • Should not be able to enable/disable the 'Enable Merge Rules' policy for a user policyset.
  • Renaming deleted file will delete target file.
  • Diff window not highlighting first difference.
  • Errors when showing the differences of revision 1 in the File History Dialog.
  • Occasional Windows GUI startup error about start tag.
  • Windows GUI crash on startup due to wsmonitor.
  • Windows GUI crash when server is down and connecting through proxy.
  • Windows workspace monitor not always checking out an edited file.
  • OSX hang after adding lots of file.
  • OSX hang after creating a workspace within the Projects view.
  • OSX Add Files dialog has missing 'Check All' and 'Uncheck All' buttons.
  • OSX log window has permanent horizontal scrollbar.
  • OSX File History Dialog 'Open Changeset' opens the Changeset Dialog behind the History Dialog.
  • Linux Check Consistency wizard resized incorrectly after checking add.
  • Linux GUI crash after failed update on timeout.
  • VS Plugin Keeps trying to connect when working on uncontrolled solution.
  • VS Plugin hangs if you choose 'Show Changeset' from the File History Dialog.
  • SCC Get Project Path dialog is formatted badly.
  • SCC crash after diffing a file.
  • PureCM.Client .NET plugin OnStreamCreated trigger is fired with a null repository after a new repository has been created.


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