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2012-1a Release Notes

Minor Enhancements

  • More friendly error message for timeout during submit, e.g. if another developer is performing a big submit.
  • Rejected versions do not appear in 'Based on List' when creating a new version.

Bug Fixes

  • Server crash when switching between unmerged changes.
  • Server merge will not fail when merging a folder delete which does not exist in the target stream. Just generate a warning.
  • Never timeout with large server merge.
  • Potential GUI crash when deleting a workspace.
  • Potential GUI crash on closedown.
  • Potential Visual Studio freeze when launching 'Work on Task' dialog.
  • Issue form editor not supporting non-ascii characters.
  • Potential timeout during garbage collection after deleting a large stream.
  • 'License is due for Renewal' dialog is still displayed after a license has been renewed.
  • Don't cancel proxy updates with file hash mismatch. Just generate a warning.


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