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2012-1 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

  • Copy shared folders when creating a version stream
  • Improve Visual Studio performance when opening uncontrolled files
  • Visual Studio plugin is now more responsive
  • Progress bar is updated when submitting a big file add/edit
  • Add ability to create releases in .NET API
  • Decrease timeout when connecting to PureCM server to 5 seconds
  • Run check consistency on submit if autocheck is enabled but there are no changes to submit
  • Don't show message dialog when in modal dialog (messages are shown in the client log)
  • 'pcm project add' command to create projects, versions, releases, tasks and features with the command line
  • Jump straight into workspace creation dialog when getting a workspace for a project item with no available workspaces

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-merge not handling utf8 files without bom very well
  • Potential GUI crash when deleting a workspace
  • Visual Studio external dependencies are added to PureCM when adding a project
  • .NET API bug where releases are not enumerated
  • GUI crash when running 'Fix Database' on workspace
  • Create workspace will show the tasks the very first time it is launched
  • Unable to modify issue view filters
  • Proxy installer warning because proxy folder is created with too strict permissions
  • 'pcm help submit' crashes
  • 'pcm submit' does not report error with invalid timestamp
  • Local changesets not always refreshed after checkout
  • Resolve dialog crashes when viewing original change
  • Unlocking a server file does not refresh the icon
  • Server file unlock does not remove corresponding component locks
  • Potential multi-user workspace database corruptions
  • Linux server crash during SQLite housekeeping
  • Linux rpm dependency on wxPropGrid
  • 64-Bit client installer not installing msword and msexcel diff scripts in correct location
  • Client Windows installer fails if not installing workspace monitor
  • Client Windows installer installing workspace monitor on XP machines


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