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2011-2a Release Notes


  • New Mac client with native Cocoa support (32-Bit & 64-Bit Universal)
  • 'tdbutil migfiletypes' command to migrate old file types to auto-encoding
  • 'pcm workspace editfiletypes' has an optional parameter for the old file type
  • When updating a workspace with conflicts 'Accept Left & Right' menus now display 'Accept Server & Local'

Bug Fixes

  • Lots of Mac GUI fixes
  • Unable to submit files with unchanged modiication time
  • Server crash when submitting huge files (>500MB)
  • Rare SQLite multi-user server deadlock
  • Server fails to start if SQL Server is still initializing
  • Unable to create first stream after creating a new repository
  • Explorer client can't checkout files with local revision
  • Fail to submit a file with unchanged local revision but with local changes
  • Menu for creating a release from a closed version is disabled
  • Intermittent proxy crash
  • Intermittent failing to connect to proxy
  • Binary hex now uses a fixed width font in diff window
  • Updating a workspace in 'My Workspaces' not always refreshing the workspace icon
  • Right-click in the Repository view shows a busy cursor with the menu
  • 'tdbutil rcheck' can cause query timeouts
  • Server crash when submitting a changeset with issues enforced and no issue is attached
  • Server crash when creating an issue template


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