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2011-2 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

  • Perform many client operations in separate threads for improved performance and reliabilty
  • Merge now handles folder deletes
  • Automatically refresh all clients on the same machine following an operation
  • 'Consolidate Project' menu to reorganize the streams for your project
  • Optimize Check Consistency (Can be as much as 90% faster)
  • When selecting multiple changesets to merge, stop processing after a conflict
  • Server installer will setup SQL Server snaphot isolation as part of install
  • Support SQL Server schemas
  • Add filter bar to changeset dialog for filtering change items
  • Add plugin notifications when updating tasks or features
  • Auto-complete path edit controls
  • Improve all progress bars to be more responsive and avoid flickering
  • Ability to switch a workspace within the workspace properties
  • Changeset resolve dialog clarifies which are the source and destination files when resolving a binary file
  • Better error message when failing to rename a file during submit
  • Don't display the changeset dialog when there are no change items
  • Friendly error messages when VSS fails during VSS import
  • Default friendly name for a workspace is always unique
  • Support CruiseControl.NET 1.6.7981.1

Bug Fixes

  • Shelving a reinstate not always working
  • Potential harmless server errors after deleting a stream
  • CVS import sometimes failing with invalid paths
  • Clients can hang during a failed submit
  • File not checked out if a workspace is switched and it was modified without being checked out
  • Cancelling many progess bars can cause the client to crash
  • Potential submit failures after moving an added file to a newly added folder
  • Re-running the VSS importer does not write to log
  • pcm update not integrating pending changesets fllowing a merge
  • pcm diff only checking against latest checked-in revision as opposed to the server revision
  • pcm getfile does not error when specifying an invalid file path
  • Deleting a shelved changeset does not delete the locks
  • Locks from a shelved changeset with no owner show user as [unknown]
  • tdbutil rcheck/rfix can crash when processing a large file
  • Workspace merge of reinstates failing
  • PureCM.Client can randomly crash after using the changeset enumerator
  • Merge not always displaying all change items
  • Intermittent server error about failing to find valid stream record
  • Ubuntu package manager incorrectly warns about corrupt packages when installing the client or server
  • Intermittent crash when resolving conflicts with Linux GUI
  • Server crash when submittng a changeset without an issue and the stream securty requires an issue
  • Diff window not always making the first diff visible on startup


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