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2011-1a Release Notes

This is a bugfix release. Please refer to the 2011-1 Release Notes to learn more about the major enhancements.


  • JIRA plugin.
  • Able to synchronize a version from within the Projects view (make the version files identical to a selected version, release or feature).
  • No need to restart the server after updating a plugin configuration file.
  • 'tdbutil listworkspaces' command.
  • Prompt for confirmation before excluding a folder in a workspace.
  • Handle unavailable workspaces better in the GUI.
  • Stop deleting streams after 1 hour.

Bug Fixes

  • Inactive licenses not allowing new clients to connect.
  • Potential server error when initially selecting the project reports.
  • Potential server error when moving a task to the backlog.
  • PureCM.Client user email addresses are incorrect.
  • Potential locking issue after aborting a transaction using SQLite database.
  • Rare SQL Server crash.
  • Ability to enumerate versions recusively in PureCM.Client.
  • Unable to 'Add Component To' for an existing folder.
  • Slow refresh when reconnecting the GUI.
  • Potential GUI crash after the server has disconnected.
  • Shelving reinstates can fail.
  • Potential server crash when client quits during a submit.
  • Updating the description when rolling back a workspace change is not applied.
  • Potential license key loading failure using SQL Server database.
  • Visual Studio problems when not manually checking out a designer file.
  • 'pcm update' does not return 0 on success.
  • VSS importer not using correct vss username.
  • Explorer client crash when tracing is enabled.
  • Gemini plugin not supporting project and version folders.


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