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2011-1 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

Visual Studio Enhancements

  • Ability to create a workspace for a release
  • Ability to create a new project when adding a solution
  • Add User Guide and Admin Guide to Help menu
  • SCC client uses Visual Studio comment for default submit description

General Bug Fixes

  • Renaming a file to another file name causes problems
  • Server history not able to compair revisions across different streams
  • Hang on checkout when disconnected from the server
  • Simultaneous shelving hangs
  • Server error and client crash with annotated history
  • Blank user in change ID when merged
  • File History compare revisions not working if sorted
  • 'Close All But This' menu closes all tabs
  • Can't create tasks with question marks in the name
  • Folder rename not deleting folders on update
  • Multi select of Unmerged Changes does not always merge the changes in the correct order
  • Repository import progress dialog is unresponsive
  • Workspace errors when renaming multiple folders and subfolders and trying to submit
  • Perforce importer can fail on Linux
  • Possible encoding issues when performing a workspace merge

Visual Studio Client Bug Fixes

  • Menus are not enabled after the server is restarted
  • Local changesets are not refreshed before a submit
  • Projects window is not reloaded after loading a solution in a new workspace
  • Register Server Wizard is not being launched on initial startup

Windows Explorer Client Bug Fixes

  • Icon overlays do not always work
  • Not working on 64-Bit machines
  • Asks if you want to revert changes following the 'Show Changes' menu
  • Can crash after deleting a workspace

Command Line Bug Fixes

  • 'pcm admin integtests' can time out and crash the server
  • 'pcm changeset list' dates are cropped
  • 'pcm history' shows changeset description with the xml parameter
  • 'pcm stream compare' not working when specifying folder and changeset
  • 'pcm workspace add' does not fail when creating a workspace for a stream folder
  • 'pcm shelveset unshelve' 'take' parameter not working
  • 'pcm update' not refreshing workspace locks
  • 'pcm update' not integrating pending changeset

Mac Bug Fixes

  • File type 'Restore Modification Time' flag not working
  • Crash when running 'Show Changeset' menu within the workspace File History dialog
  • Various dialogs are badly formatted
  • Initial list columns are all zero size
  • Right-click not selecting the list item
  • Dialog to select multi-path workspace paths not working when adding new paths
  • Launching Find dialog in the editor can switch tabs if the editor does not have focus
  • Crash when switching a workspace to another connection


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