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2010-2a Release Notes

This is a bugfix release. Please refer to the 2010-2 Release Notes to learn more about the major enhancements.


  • Add Subversion importer.
  • Add 'Files' tab to the Projects View as an alternative to selecting 'Show Files' on a version.
  • Display an informative message when connecting to the server fails because of a bad password.

Visual Studio Client Bug Fixes

  • Always position modal dialogs central to Visual Studio.
  • Don't prompt to upload files when creating a version in the 'Add Solution to PureCM' wizard.
  • Save column size in Projects window.
  • Refresh PureCM windows after adding a new repository.
  • Fix performance problems when working in an uncontrolled project and the PureCM server is unavailable.
  • Fix crash when creating a repository in the 'Select Active Repository' dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • Always generate a warning or error on the server if the submit fails.
  • Make the new version parent drop-down non-editable.
  • 'Show Pending Changes' in the Projects view will show a list of pending changes even if there is only one change.
  • Refresh the task list when navigating back in the Projects view.
  • Fix race condition when creating a workspace and another user submits a change with file deletes.
  • Fix bug when submiting files with long paths to SQL Server database.
  • Fix error when adding a repository with '-' character to SQL Server database.


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