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2010-1 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

  • General performance improvements when adding a large number of files.
  • GUI and Visual Studio refresh performance improvements.
  • Update Example database to include projects.
  • Component update does not create an edit change item for files which have not changed.
  • 'Synchronise to Changeset' workspace menu.
  • Unsynchronised workspace submitted changesets appear with an exclamation mark.
  • Ability for 'Force Merge' a changeset which has already been merged.
  • Better description for resolve tool when merging changesets.
  • Confirm whether to delete the local files when deleting files in a workspace.
  • Allow exclude on added folders and files within a workspace.
  • Make Administrator View policy based.
  • Don't invalidate trial license after upgrading the client or server.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix GUI crash when no active repository.
  • Fix bug when switching a workspace in one client while another client has the workspace open.
  • Fix bug where complex merging can show an unmerged file as already merged.
  • Fix bug where changesets manually merged on the server are not propogated to corresponding merge paths.
  • Fix bug when trying to revert a deleted file in a workspace.
  • Fix bug where stream creation and submit API events are fired before the transaction is committed.
  • Fix bug where file type 'Always Writable' flag is being ignored when adding files.
  • Update the workspace tab text after changing the workspace friendly name.
  • Fix GUI refresh issue for policysets after using 'Exclude' in a workspace.
  • Fix GUI refresh issue when updating component links.
  • Fix GUI refresh issue for change items when changing the file type of a file in a workspace
  • Fix GUI refresh issue for 'Users' after a new domain user has logged on.
  • Fix GUI refresh issue when locking and unlocking a stream.

Windows Bug Fixes

  • Fix SSL/TLS authentication on Windows.
  • Stop GUI getting focus when checking files out in Visual Studio.
  • Fix intermittent Visual Studio freezing with the 'Show Differences' menu.
  • Handle disconnected from the server better in the Visual Studio plug-in for file history and differences.
  • Fix bug where double-click not working within the Visual Studio plug-in PureCM windows.
  • Fix intermittent bug where selecting an item in the Changeset Dialog scrolled the list to the bottom.

Linux Bug Fixes

  • Install Admin Guide with client.
  • Fix file type 'Force' flag when adding files.
  • Fix warning message when showing differences on a file with blank lines at the beginning.
  • Don't display list context menus twice.


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