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2009-2b Release Notes

This is a bugfix release. Please refer to the 2009-2 Release Notes to learn more about the major enhancements.

Visual Studio Enhanced Client Bug Fixes

  • Support VS Standard Edition.
  • Launch the Resolve Tool after unshelving a shelveset.
  • Stop the GUI Changeset Dialog freezing VS when open.
  • Fix hanging when trying to checkout a file which is locked but not refreshed.
  • Fix 'Show Differences' to show the file name.
  • Refresh streams after creating a stream in the GUI.
  • Don't show Modal Dialog for PureCM warnings/errors (they appear in the Output View).
  • Fix transparent Progress Dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • Able to revert checked out file which has been deleted on disk.
  • No longer able to move a workspace into another workspace.
  • Better warning when shelving a file with no changes.
  • Fix 'pcm unshelve' to integrate the shelveset into the workspace
  • Fix Linux crashes in Manage Components Dialog.
  • Fix bug where hoving over file tabs in the GUI opened new tabs.
  • Use sensible column widths for issue history.
  • Remember the previous selected issue page.
  • Handle long lines better in the Diff Window.
  • Validate issue action 'Time Taken' so it can only contain 1 decimal point.
  • Better exception handling in 'tdbutil rcheck'.
  • Fix 'tdbutil rfix' database errors after creating an empty revision.
  • Only select the relevant files with SCC checkin.
  • Fix SCC crashes.
  • Handle symbolic links on Linux and Mac better.
  • Fix .NET trigger bug where the stream creation event wasn't always refreshed.


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