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2009-2 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Fix error when moving a reinstated file before submitting.
  • Adding a writable file to a writable workspace does not make the file read-only.
  • Check for invaliid UTF-8 when submitting a file with UTF-8 encoding.
  • Support domain authentication for users not named 'domain\user'.
  • Refresh license quota after deleting a license.
  • License renewals which will take effect when a license expires appear as 'valid'.
  • Don't display warning when opening a file using default application takes a long time.
  • Fix crash when pressing 'Refresh Status' in 'My Workspaces' twice.
  • Fix GUI hanging when a server merge fails.
  • Fix GUI 'Add Folder' menu when called from the tree.
  • Always expand keywords with 'Show Differences'.
  • Refresh component links in the GUI after adding/deleting a component.
  • Validate the name in the Repository Creation Wizard.
  • Workspace 'Merge All Changes' does not contain the descriptions for changesets which have already been merged.
  • Enhance 'tdbutil rcheck/rfix' to include issue attachments.
  • Better error messages when issue attachments fail to get created.
  • Refresh repository selection dialog after renaming and deleting repositories.
  • Components maintain the modification times of the source files.
  • Fix crash when cancelling update.
  • Don't allow trailing spaces i stream names.
  • Only show differences for first 100,000 lines of a file.


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