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2008-2 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Visual Studio Enhancements

Command Line Enhancements

  • New 'pcm workspace delete' options
  • 'pcm admin events' command added
  • Implement 'pcm user delete' and 'pcm group delete'
  • Implement 'pcm workspace sync' command

Component Enhancements

  • Ability to remove a component but keep the files & folders
  • File History shows ancestry for component files
  • Ability to add subfolders when adding a component

Shelving Enhancements

  • Shelving a changeset leaves files checked out
  • Shelveset delete warning includes shelveset description
  • Delete added files when shelved with revert

Locking Enhancements

  • Workspace 'Refresh' resets file locks
  • Stream 'lock' menu
  • Client lock messages are more informative

GUI Enhancements

  • New 'Look and Feel' with new icons and changed menus
  • Show reports as tabs
  • Show issues as tabs
  • Annotated History tab
  • Add Start-Up dialog asking whether to enable 'Multiple Checkout' and 'Issues'
  • Ability to update multiple workspaces
  • Implement 'Show Line Numbers' and 'Goto Line' in the PureCM Editor
  • Workspace Creation Dialog improvements
  • Allow My Issues to be filtered on issue fields
  • Issue report folders are sorted
  • Sort 'My Workspaces' according to last submit
  • Change File History Dialog to use new style show/hide (+/-)
  • Display confirmation message after performing quick merge
  • All Property Sheets save their previous size
  • Make many GUI Messages optional
  • Allow submit from workspace
  • Use actual file path in Resolve Tool
  • Qualify stream name in Properties General Page
  • Implement proper 'Undo' functionality on local File History
  • Implement 'Show Stream Hierarchy'
  • Prompt for delete when reverting file adds
  • Warn users when creating multiple repositories

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Check-in will revert/undo if there have been no changes
  • 'User Guide' and 'Administrator Guide' added to start menu

Visual Studio Bug Fixes

  • File History workspace ancestry not working
  • 'PureCM Properties' is not handled
  • View changeset not working for workspaces ancestry File History
  • Potential crash when connection is lost
  • Potential crash when creating a workspace

GUI Bug Fixes

  • Modal dialogs not centred on external display
  • Annotate popup menus wrong with multiple annotate windows
  • 'lock' file menu does not always refresh the file icon
  • Event Log does not refresh when renavigating
  • Stream not refreshed after being locked
  • Create Stream Wizard tab order problems
  • Submitted changesets 'name' column can get too long
  • Issue expression dlg not resizable
  • Closedown Crash
  • Potential hang if left overnight

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Components are not working with reviewed changesets
  • 'Update to Latest' can hang
  • File locks are removed when moving between local changes
  • Keyword expansion causes problems with 'C' comment blocks
  • Stream file 'UnLock' does not update workspaces
  • File locks not removed on race condition
  • Component client display name is wrong after review
  • Problems with Streams with long names
  • Error when submitting unchanged file as part of merge
  • 'pcm shelve add' doesn't allow '-d' or '--description'
  • .docx not defaulted to 'application/msword'
  • Duplicate deleted folders and files after updating workspace in special cases
  • File move syncronize bug
  • Integrate folder add bug
  • empty .tbf files created
  • VSS Importer doesn't handle pinned or shared files very well
  • 'Stream Locking' policy not working
  • Failed connections are sometimes logged as successful
  • 'pcm revert' cannot revert an added folder
  • Ability to rename an added folder
  • Initial stream workspace appears out of date
  • Improve error messages for failed submits
  • Component integrations broken
  • Reinstate causing dupliate folder revision file entry
  • Unable to move folders in some circustances
  • Cannot rollback renamed folder
  • 'Number' Issue fields handled as integer when should be decimal
  • Local changeset created when update to latest merges a conflict