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2009-1 Release Notes

*** If you use Python scripting then you will need to enable the 'Enable Python Scripting' policy which has been introduced and is disabled by default.  ***

Major Enhancements

  • Perspectives : The GUI client has been completly transformed making it 'repository-centric' with a perspective for each role.
  • Merge Paths : Specify that changes need to be merged from one stream to another. Submitted changesets in the source stream can either be flagged as pending merge or automatically merged.
  • Quick Merge All Changesets : Previously a changeset could only be quick merged (not requiring a workspace) if the bases of all files matched. All changesets can now be quick merged launching the Resolve Tool for any conflicts.
  • Workspace Rebasing : An existsing workspace can be 'rebased' so it is based on a different stream.
  • Light workspaces : Light workspaces do not store file revisions in the workspace database. This makes the workspace database smaller in size and quicker to create.

General Enhancements

  • Ability to delete a stream when it contains a source component.
  • 'Enable Python Scripting' policy
  • Don't conflict when integrated a file move and the file is being edited in the workspace.
  • If file type is unknown then assume to be 'application/generic' rather than 'text/plain'.
  • Include default description when rolling back a changeset in a workspace.
  • Support non-empty stream folder deletes (all child streams will be deleted).
  • Adding Files Options : Add 'binary tolerance' percent option.
  • Add issue URL control.
  • Users are able to open issue attachments when not the issue owner.

GUI Enhancements

  • Unintegrated changesets appear in workspace 'Submitted Changesets' list.
  • New License Check Dialog.
  • GUI will prompt if a new release is available.
  • Workspace Friendly Name : Sensible default to last folder name.
  • Warn when unchanged files reverted before submit.
  • GUI : Refresh 'My Issues' when selected.
  • Delete Repository Dialog should inform users what will happen.
  • Ability to add a component from a stream folder.
  • Better message when needing to resolve a conflict after updating the workspace.
  • Add 'Check All' and 'Uncheck All' buttons to Check Consistency Wizard.
  • Deleting a current changesets will ask if you want to revert the change items.
  • GUI Options : Add 'Reset' button for all stored windows sizes/positions and 'Dont Show this Message again' prompts.
  • Current changesets expandable in the tree. Selecting an item launches the diff window to show edits.
  • Spacebar checks/unchecks selected checkable items.
  • Clear default current changeset description after shelving.
  • Merge Changes Wizard : When selecting changeset(s) default to the 'normal' streams view rather than stream hierarchy.
  • Better error message when deleting files during revert.
  • Repository importer : Refresh GUI on completion.
  • Update workspace status in background when GUI does not have focus.
  • Update workspace status when a workspace is refreshed.
  • Issue attachments 'Save As' uses default name.
  • 'Integrated Changesets' has been renamed to 'Submitted Changesets'

Visual Studio Plug-In (SCC) Enhancements

Command Line Enhancements

  • Implement 'pcm file move' (which also implements folder moves).
  • Add 'pcm admin events' max count parameter.
  • Add the ability to specify the workspace database location for 'pcm workspace add'.
  • 'pcm server setdetails' handles the --userpass param without the --passauth param.
  • All 'pcm *** delete' commands require a confirmation.

Bug Fixes

  • Potential hangs when submitting large files.
  • Poor performance when submitting large files.
  • SCC doesn't seem to shutdown cleanly.
  • 'Multiple Checkout' policy is disabled and a file has been submitted but also changed in your local workspace (without checkout). PureCM gets in a loop trying to check the file out but saying it can;t because it is out of date.
  • Merge Tool can ruin the indentation.
  • Cannot resolve conflicts when merging a file which is checked out.
  • SCC Issue Dialog should only be available if the user has the 'Issue User' policy enabled.
  • Rollback a renamed folder creates duplicate folders in the workspace.
  • Changeset Dialog status bar is sometimes not displaying correctly.
  • Workspace statuses are not being refreshed in the background when the GUI does not have focus.
  • File History description description splitter is sometimes being set to 0.
  • Dont hide the tree double clicking the main splitter.
  • Fix bug when rolling back folder deletes.
  • Don't reset the Changeset Dialog diff splitter positions when switching between files.
  • Merge Changes Wizard : Fix bug where user selects a destination stream then goes back and changes it.
  • Repository importer : Fix zero time bug when submitting miscellaneous changes.
  • Repository importer : Don't submit *.scc files.
  • Unable to add a file with the same name as a file deleted in the parent stream.
  • Errors when merging folder deletes.


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