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2008-3 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Visual Studio Enhancements

GUI Enhancements

Command Line Enhancements

  • Information event written when using snapshots and backups

SDK Enhancements

  • Connection Factory - First connection returned if no default set
  • Issue Action - Mandatory fields should return IssueFields object
  • Handle logical groups

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect message when cannot unlock stream
  • MS Word diffs are backwards
  • Gui displayed in Right-to-Left mode on Hebrew version of XP
  • The Changeset Items report only shows up to 100 items
  • 'Refresh Gui when activated' not working
  • Eclipse plugin doesn't always see workspace changes
  • Command line 'workspace add' doesn't work very well with relative paths
  • performance issues with lots of repositories
  • Hidden dialogs cannot be retrieved
  • Merge Changeset Description is always 'Merged Change'
  • Command line: 'changelist list' and 'changeset describe' only work with registered connections
  • Expanding tree items is very slow when large list is visible
  • Annotated history is not working with non-txt formats
  • Moving change items leaves them unchecked
  • 'Revert Unchanged' being applied when creating local changeset
  • Stream selection control in Merge Wizard doesn't scroll on Linux
  • Fonts used by Diff,Merge and Editor not monospaced on Linux/Mac
  • Silly tooltips appear in lists and editor windows on Linux
  • GUI crashes after Update where server connection lost
  • Web installer needs to set default page
  • Find dlg - default search direction is 'up'
  • Crash when closing down Windows with PureCM GUI running


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