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2013-2a Release Notes

This is a bugfix release. Please refer to the 2013-2 Release Notes to learn more about the major enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • Partial merge creates a pending changeset back to source stream.
  • Rare client crash when copying lines in diff editor.
  • Launch modal changeset dialog from project item history dialog.
  • Unshelve 'Remove Ownership' checkbox not doing anything.
  • Better event messages when server merge fails.
  • Duplicate key errors for stream data stats table when server timezone is different to SQL Server timezone.
  • Check for shared folder recursive loops when creating shared folders as part of stream creation.
  • Check for shared folder recursive loops as part of repository integ tests.
  • Immediately remove shared folders and merge rules when deleting a stream.
  • Server merge does not include integrated files for partially merged changesets when run from a merge rule.
  • Don't create .pcmignore file for existing workspaces.
  • 'pcm changeset list -x' does not truncate the description to 64 characters.
  • Support external diff apps when running show differences within the show history dialog.


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