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2010-2 Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Visual Studio Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

  • Add 'auto-encoding' file type option.
  • Add 'disable line ending translation' file type option.
  • Support URLs in task description.
  • Dont lock server database when performing a merge in the Resolve Tool.
  • Friendly client messages when server is disconnected.
  • Disable changing the encoding of an existing file type. You must create a new file type and update the relevant files.
  • Open workspace view after switching a workspace.
  • Get CruiseControl plugin working for CruiseControl.Net 1.5.
  • Saved dialog positions work with mutliple monitors.
  • Enable browse button when selecting a path in the Repository Import Wizard.
  • Rename 'View My Changesets' policy to 'Developer User'.
  • Default path for a release changed to 'Version Releases' folder.

Bug Fixes

  • Add descriptions to task report templates.
  • Refresh Projects view following 'Merge Change Into' operation.
  • Windows 'Close' button works for all dialogs.
  • Fix potential hang when opening the file history dialog.
  • Fix bug when switching a workspace with edits to files which do not exist in the new workspace.
  • Dont timeout when creating a big component.
  • The diff when selecting an edit in a workspace was not always comparing the server revision.
  • Fix potential 'Accept Local Revision' errors in the Resolve Tool.
  • Support repository names with spaces when using SQL Server database.
  • Fix bug where unable to submit after moving and deleting a file.
  • Fix error when running the 'pcm repos import' command.
  • Fix bug when moving a task into a project folder using the Move Task dialog.
  • Fix bug where readding a component hangs the server.


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