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2010-1d Release Notes

Major Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

Visual Studio Plugin Enhancements

  • Integrate with the Visual Studio progress bar.
  • Open the Visual Studio editor when double-clicking a file in a PureCM window.
  • Open a Visual Studio window rather than modal dialog for file diffs and history.
  • Fix crashes/hangs in 'Add to PureCM' dialog.
  • Better performance for checkout and revert of multiple files.

Bug Fixes

  • GUI progress bar display glitches when creating or updating a workspace.
  • If no file type filters are specified then include all files.
  • Don't default to 'text/UTF-8' if no matching file type is found for a UTF-8 file.
  • Various GUI refresh fixes.
  • GUI crash when deleting a workspace.
  • GUI crash when uploading files using a folder where a workspace already exists.
  • Use merge icon for merged changesets in the 'Show Submitted Tasks and Releases' list.
  • Show merge info for changeset dialog launched from the 'Show Submitted Tasks and Releases' list.
  • Bug when sorting columns in Release History.
  • Bug where merging a change to a renamed file in a feature causing the rename to be reverted.
  • Potentially corrupted workspace if the connection drops during an update.
  • Handle '&' in folder name when exporting and importing.
  • Partial merges show up as pending for the feature they originated from.


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