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Dear Reader,

We hope that you have already had a successful start into 2009. We are looking forward to working for you again this year; a year which already offers some exciting prospects with the 2009-1 release in sight. It will be showcased at DevWeek 2009 in London, and we would be more than happy to welcome you for a chat at booth 7!


Naturally, presenting an outlook of PureCM 2009-1 covers the first part of this newsletter, followed by some insights from our online survey we conducted at the end of last year. And before I forget: We will shortly put the public 2009-1 beta release online to give you a hands on preview on PureCM 2009-1. Be assured that we will let you know about it as soon as possible.


Finally, we will also change license keys with PureCM 2009-1. This is done automatically for new licenses, but existing licenses need to be changed at the time you update to PureCM 2009-1. Of course, the "how to" information will soon become available on our website.


Enjoy reading!


Best regards,

Kenji Sulzberger


PureCM.com Ltd



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PureCM 2008-3c Bugfix Release

Available Now!

Having changed the release cycle of major releases to every 6 months, releases during this period are now minor or bugfix releases.


This latest 2008-3c release contains some important bugfixes, such as


- enhancements to the CruiseControl.NET plugin to facilitate setup

- implemented language independent file encoding using ISO8859_1

- enhancement to handle NULL characters better

- fixed Visual Studio (SCC) plugin crash

- fixed file path policy to be applied to consitency wizard


View the complete release notes.

  Download the 2008-3c release >>

PureCM 2009-1 Preview

Save time - with real-time merge tracking

Until now, PureCM has supported both workspace merges and the direct Quick Merge on the server, so performing one-off merges has been easy. Now, the next piece to facilitate parallel development becomes available: real-time tracking!.


PureCM 2009-1 brings the new "Merge Paths" that let you define a relationship between any two streams, highlighting all pending and merged changes in real time. So questions like "What has already been merged?" or "Which changes need merging?" can be answered instantly, saving you precious time and preventing sync errors.


Using private streams? Easy with Workspace Rebasing!

PureCM has always supported creating multiple workspaces, a very useful feature when working on multiple projects in parallel. Now, switching an existing workspace to another stream becomes possible with Workspace Rebasing.


Simply choose a new stream, and your workspace gets populated automatically.This complementary feature is particluarly useful when working with a workspace based on private streams, e.g. as used with task branches.


Information at your fingertip - the new task-centric GUI

We have gone great lengths to make the completely redesigned PureCM GUI the user-friendliest so far. Thanks to the ability to organise multiple projects in streams and stream folders, PureCM can store all related data in one repository. Controlling shared libraries? No problem.


This is why the new GUI features a repository centric design, presenting its content in a more transparent way than ever. The added task-specific views make it easier to quickly access your workspaces and projects, providing you with all information you need - on a mouse click!

  Learn more about the 2009-1 release >>

Customer Suvey Results


In October 2008, we have conducted an online customersurvey for the first time. The objective of this survey was to understand better how our customers are using PureCM and to get feedback about likes and dislikes.


The response rate of 27% is encouraging, and we are planning to repeat this survey on a yearly basis to interact more frequently with our customers.


As a nice side-effect, we are happy to congratulate the winner of our half day consulting. The next chance to win is sure to come, be it at DevWeek or with the next survey!


Usage Patterns

With the majority of customers working on Windows platforms, it comes as little surprise that Visual Studio is the dominating IDE used by about 66% of the respondents. Behind VS, Eclipse comes second with about 18%.


IRegarding process methodologies, agile has firmly taken the lead with about 2/3 of our respondents applying agile principles and about 1/3 using Waterfall.


Customer Satisfaction

We have split customer satisfaction into the broad categories ease of use and stability.


  1. The installation process and branching scored high regarding ease of use, while merging and the issue management were considered less intuitive to use.

  2. Regarding stability, we have noted a stark contrast between respondents using PureCM 2008-2 or newer, and the ones using an older release. We are happy to see that we have been able to increase customer satisfaction significantly since launching the 2008-2 release.


Both areas remain high on our agenda. As stability is a core requirement for any SCM tool, we are constantly striving to raise standards even higher. Furthermore, we have already tackled merging for the 2009-1 release, while improving the IDE plugin is on our roadmap for 2009-2.


Keep flowing the feedback stream - via blog, online ticket or simply by writing an email. We welcome any comment you might have!


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