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PureCM Announces New Visual Studio Client With Its Latest 2010-2 Release

19th October 2010 - PureCM.com Ltd, the change and configuration management specialist has announced a major update of their Visual Studio client as part of their latest 2010-2 release.

The reworked Visual Studio client enhances the existing version control capabilities by giving full access to the PureCM task tracking and release planning functionality. Users can now manage their development lifecycle within Visual Studio, including scheduling and assigning tasks, creating team and private branches, checkpointing code changes and checking on project progress.

"Being able to perform all relevant development tasks within Visual Studio is a major productivity factor for development teams," said Stephen Worthington, Development Manager at PureCM. "Traditionally, Visual Studio integrations have focused on version control tasks only, such as checkout/checkin and file history. This is no longer sufficient, as agile teams want to work with integrated task tracking and flexible branching and merging to support ever shorter iterations."

Strong focus on performance improvements for large teams

Significant development time was also invested into achieving performance enhancements for large teams. PureCM Professional facilitates parallel development and encourages private branches with its auto-creation and customisable auto-merge support. The latest performance enhancements now allow teams to work with thousands of branches and keep them up to date automatically thanks to the new background merging functionality.

Additionally, support for 64 bit installations on Windows has been added. 64 bit installers for PureCM 2010-2 are now available for all supported Windows and Linux operating systems. Taken together, these performance improvements further improve scalability, complementing PureCM's built-in support for leading database systems such as SQL Server or SQLite.

Available in two editions

PureCM 2010-1 is available in two editions: PureCM Standard and PureCM Professional. Both editions include the proven version control core, and integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse. Optimised for more complex and larger projects, PureCM Professional adds agile release planning, task tracking and SCM automation to provide users with a fully featured Change and Configuration Management solution. A free trial of PureCM 2010-2 is available from http://www.purecm.com/downloads.php


About PureCM

PureCM is a Software Change and Configuration Management (SCCM) solution that controls, tracks and visualises changes to digital assets. PureCM facilitates and accelerates software development in team environments, accommodating best practises such as agile, task-based version control and distributed development. Complete with integrated task tracking functionality, PureCM can be tailored to any development and change management process.

PureCM.com Ltd is a privately held company based in Macclesfield (UK). Sales and support services for international customers are provided from its US locations in Florida and Colorado. Please visit www.purecm.com to find more information about the company and SCCM solutions.

Please read the release notes to learn more about the changes in PureCM 2010-2.



Publication Date: 19 October 2010
Contact: Kenji Sulzberger, e: kenji.sulzberger@purecm.com, t: +44 (0)1625 660 820


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