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Dear Reader,

The launch of PureCM 2010-1 already seems to have happened in the distant past, but actually it's just three months ago! And now comes PureCM 2010-1d, labelled 'PureCM 2010-1 SQL Server' for very obvious reasons.


This is certainly great news for customers already working with SQL Server, as it allows them to leverage existing skills and infrastructure. So the question is "what option should I choose? and why?".


To help you answer this question, you can find tutorial links below that compare SQLite and SQL Server, including an in-depth performance comparison.


But first, read on to learn more about our latest release or the best practice 'SDC' blog.




Kenji Sulzberger

PureCM.com Ltd


PureCM 2010-1d has arrived

...and it comes with SQL Server support!

After introducing SQLite as its default and embedded database with PureCM 2010-1, the latest 2010-1d release now adds support for SQL Server.


Using existing infrastructure? Assuring scalability? Making use of the powerful database management tools? All this becomes available with PureCM 2010-1d.


We've created a few articles to compare the currently supported database systems:


Which database system should I use?

How does the performance compare?


  Download PureCM 2010-1d >>

Usability enhancements in 2010-1d

PureCM 2010-1d is much more than 'just' support for SQL Server. Here's a summary of what else you can expect with this latest release:


  1. We've also made it easier to work with the new projects layer, adding the merging and manage components wizards to the 'Projects' view.
  2. Introducing the 'Release Finder', which lists the releases that included a specific task.
  3. Working with projects, it's also possible now to switch a workspace with changes (automated shelving/unshelving) or even to move a feature branch from one version to another.
  4. Finally, development managers will find new report templates being added, starting with the task burndown and developer status reports in this release.
  See what's new in PureCM 2010-1d >>

PureCM's Mike Shepherd featured on
CM Crossroads

CM Crossroads, the leading experts portal on configuration and release management, has featured PureCM's Mike Shepherd on its latest edition of the CM Journal.


In his article, Mike shows how Agile and ALM principles should not be considered as mutually exclusive, and how teams of any size can take the benefits they need from each approach.


Follow the link below to read the full article.

  Read the full article >>

New SDC blog series has been a success

We've completed our first 'Solving Development Challenges (SDC)' blog series that was started with the launch of PureCM 2010-1. The blog covers developent challenges and links them to solutions in PureCM in an easy to digest way: one challenge, one blog.


Traffic on these 13 episodes has been great, proving that the topics such as 'Branching patterns', 'Working with a work item hierarchy', 'Implementing code reviews' or 'Project status reporting' are indeed relevant.


If you were wondering about the advantages of the PureCM 2010-1 release and haven't visited our blog yet - this is the time. We'd love to hear from you, so feel free to comment on the articles to share your view!

  Visit the SDC blog series >>

Did you know?

...that feature streams are highly automated in PureCM 2010-1?

Isolating features on their own stream keeps the development version (or stream) release-ready, giving you some much needed flexibility. So far, using feature streams resulted in additional overhead - but not any more!

>> Tell me about the details

...that you can share folders between projects?

Shared folders greatly facilitate working with component-based development, as changes to a component are automatically applied to all linked locations.


>> Learn more about shared components


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