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Dear Reader,

PureCM 2010-1 has arrived!


Now is the time to get a cost-effective solution tailored to your development needs:


  1. Get support for agile and distributed source control with PureCM Standard
  2. Add agile planning and integrated task tracking with PureCM Professional. What's more, you also get powerful support for working with feature branches to keep your code line(s) release-ready and support code reviews


Read on to learn how the new integrated approch with PureCM 2010-1 facilitates collaboration by providing end-to-end project insight and boosts productivity with its powerful automation options.


Watch the online demos, read the white papers or download the free 2010-1 trial to get a hands-on experience. And feel free to contact us for a customised live demo to get even more insights right to your desk.


Enjoy the journey!


Kenji Sulzberger

PureCM.com Ltd


PureCM 2010-1 has arrived!

Introducing Integrated Agile Planning, Task Tracking and Source Control

Release planning, real-time status reporting, end-to end transparency, task dashboards, Visual Studio integration or automated feature streams - there's much to discover!


How does it all work? Visit our 2010-1 overview page to learn more about the latest release. You'll find white papers, online demos and screenshots to give you a rich introduction.


Visit our new discussion board to learn about the PureCM Roadmap and leave your comments on the new release.

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Supporting New DB Backends

Even Better Performance

As announced, new database backends are now supported with the 2010-1 release.SQLite is already packaged with 2010-1; a free and cross-platform solution boosting performance up to 100%!


Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL will be next shortly after the launch of 2010-1 to allow administrators to make use of existing infrastructure and SQL management tools, facilitating enterprise scalability.


It's worth highlighting here that all these updates will be available to customers with active licenses at no additional cost, thanks to the included product maintenance with PureCM license purchases.

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DevConnections Reviews PureCM

DevConnections - the new brand for a number of well-known and popular Windows oriented portals such as asp.net PRO or Windows IT PRO - has recently reviewed PureCM 2009-2 with a special emphasis on its enhanced Visual Studio integration.


The review confirmed PureCM's ease of deployment and intuitive use, especially for developers working with Visual Studio or using more advanced features for parallel development, such as shelving, merging or the visual folder diff.


Note that the review doesn't cover the new project planning and task tracking functionality, thus best reflects the PureCM 2010-1 Standard feature set.

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Did you know?

...that feature streams are highly automated in PureCM 2010-1?

Isolating features on their own stream keeps the development version (or stream) release-ready, giving you some much needed flexibility. Traditionally, using feature streams resulted in additional overhead - but not any more!

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...that you can use the integration stage of feature streams for code review?

With PureCM 2010-1 Professional, simply assign the feature to a reviewer once development has been completed. The review will appear on his dashboard, allowing him to preview the changes and integrate them; or reassigning it to the developer with additional comments.

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Agile ALM

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2010-1 demo

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PureCM 2010-1

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