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Dear Reader,

PureCM goes ALM.


What does it mean for you? Put simply, we've developed a new layer that extends the configuration management core, introducing new features:


  1. PureCM Professional now supports agile release planning
  2. 'Tasks' and 'features' are introduced to represent work items that can be scheduled, assigned and tracked as part of release planning


Check the details below and download the 2010-1 beta to get a hands-on experience. We'd love to hear from you on our new discussion board!


Kenji Sulzberger

PureCM.com Ltd


PureCM 2010-1 Beta Available Now!

Introducing Agile Release Planning

  1. PureCM Standard and Professional will now support new hierarchical objects to organise a repository more intuitively:
    'Project' > 'Version' > 'Feature'
  2. PureCM Professional will support tasks that can be scheduled against versions and/or projects, and assigned to team members for completion
  3. PureCM Professional will introduce 'features' that typically group a few tasks isolated on their own codeline, automating creation, update and integration.


How does it all work? Get the white paper to learn more about Agile ALM.


Visit our new discussion board to learn about the PureCM Roadmap and leave your comments on the beta.

  Preview and download the 2010-1 beta >>

Supporting New DB Backends

As announced on the PureCM blog, new database backends will be supported in the future. Based on customer demand, we'll start supporting SQLite with 2010-1; a free, embedded and cross-platform solution.


Next will be Microsoft SQL Server shortly after the launch of 2010-1 to allow administrators to make use of their SQL management tools and assure enterprise scalability.


Of course, the current proprietary database used in all PureCM releases prior to 2010-1 is fully supported with 2010-1, so there is no need to migrate existing databases.

  Read the blog article >>

Did you know?

...that you can exclude individual folders from source control from your workspace?

You can always use the server policy to exclude content to be downloaded to client workspaces, but since 2009-2c defining this policy is possible from your workspace.

>> How do I do that?

...that you can visually compare streams or folders between any two points in time?

PureCM's 'compare' feature can visualise file and folder differences between two streams, e.g. releases. Or you select a specific stream or folder and define two points in time to see what has changed.

>> How do I do that?


Agile ALM

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2010-1 demo

Watch the beta in action.

2010-1 beta

Download the beta today.


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