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PureCM Brings Benefits of Agile ALM to Development Teams with New 2010-1 Release

15 April 2010 - PureCM, the change and configuration management specialist, has announced a major new release of its core SCM solution, PureCM 2010-1. This includes a range of new and enhanced features to support agile application lifecycle management (ALM), enabling development teams to improve their productivity, shorten release cycles, and collaborate more effectively.


Now supporting agile release planning

PureCM 2010-1's agile planning capabilities fully support working with project releases, iterations and backlogs, linking these to configuration management to ensure that any rescheduling is fully reflected. 2010-1 also automates task tracking, making parallel development easy by matching tasks to releases. This means developers automatically retrieve the right project configurations, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Another significant enhancement is support for isolated features. When starting work on a feature PureCM Professional automatically creates a feature stream and maps the developer workspace against it, avoiding the need for a developer to create a branch manually. In addition, PureCM Professional automatically updates features with any changes from their parent version as a default. In the event of an update conflict, the feature owner is automatically notified via his user dashboard so he can resolve the conflict using PureCM's visual resolve tool.

Furthermore, feature owners receive a notification to integrate the feature back into the parent code line as soon as developers complete a feature. PureCM Professional also enables a meaningful release history, enabling features and tasks to be seen in the project history; not individual file changes or intermediate submits. So even if a feature has been submitted against multiple times for completion, it only shows up once to allow for easy merging to other versions or even a roll back.

Improved integration with 3rd party solutions

Additional features include multiple performance and ergonomic enhancements for developers. PureCM 2010-1 fully integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio, giving developers the option to work entirely within their IDE. Features such as shelving and unshelving changes, or integrating changes from other branches are now directly available within Visual Studio, helping to boost productivity.

Further key capabilities in 2010-1 are its support for build automation and continuous integration. Together with its open SDKs, which enable custom integrations, PureCM 2010-1 allows teams to work with the toolsets they prefer.

Mike Shepherd, Technical Consultant of PureCM said: "This latest version builds on the integration features we introduced last year, and includes many new features that allow development teams to adopt agile practices where and when it most suits their needs. PureCM doesn't dictate the way that developers should work, it simply lets developers and teams get on with their jobs seamlessly and unobtrusively, helping to maximise their productivity."

Building on the changes introduced in 2009

PureCM 2010-1 extends many of the features introduced in the solution in 2009, including plugins for Windows Explorer, bug tracking tools OnTime and Gemini, as well as multiple out-of-the-box integrations for build and modelling tools. It also includes enhanced .NET and Java SDKs for facilitated custom integration.

PureCM 2010-1 is available in two editions: PureCM Standard and PureCM Professional. Both editions include the proven version control core, and integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse, giving users a lightweight but highly scalable solution. Optimised for more complex and larger projects, PureCM Professional adds agile planning, task tracking and reporting to provide users with a fully featured ALM solution.


About PureCM

PureCM is a Change and Configuration Management solution that controls, tracks and visualises changes to digital assets. PureCM facilitates and accelerates software development in team environments accommodating best practises such as agile planning, task-based version control, distributed development and build automation. PureCM is available across multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac, and offers native integration with Visual Studio® and Eclipse.

Please read the release notes to learn more about the changes in PureCM 2010-1.



Publish Date: 15 April 2010
Contact: Kenji Sulzberger, e: kenji@purecm.com, t: +44 (0)1625 660 824


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