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Dear Reader,

Time is flying and I'm sure a lot has happened since you received the last PureCM newsletter. We've been busy as well and proud to announce the launch of our new PureCM 2009-2 release. Much improved Visual Studio integration, as well as better supported server merging are among the main features, but just read on to get the details.


A new release is always great motivation to look forward, which is why you will also find some details about our roadmap in this newsletter. What are your thoughts? Which features are you missing most when working with PureCM? Let us know about your point of view and learn what other customers think by participating in our quick poll.


Thank you!


Kenji Sulzberger

PureCM.com Ltd


PureCM 2009-2 Available Now!

NEW Features, including:-

  1. The enhanced Visual Studio integration now allows you to perform advanced tasks such as managing multiple changesets, shelving, refactoring and merging within Visual Studio 2005/2008 Professional.
    Watch the online demo >>
  2. Simplified parallel development, allowing users to merge changes between branches directly on the server, either change by change or multiple changes as one.
  3. Up to 400% (!) faster data transfer performance to the PureCM server


Click here to read the release notes.


Important for current SCC integration users:

Learn how to switch to the enhanced VS integration


  Download PureCM 2009-2 >>

NEW PureCM editions

We have also responded to customer requests to have more choice about how to get started with PureCM. This is why you can now choose your PureCM edition.


  1. PureCM Standard includes the source control core, offering the features you need to control change, manage your configurations and get an automatic audit trail - regardless of where your team members are working.
  2. PureCM Professional adds advanced features such as issue tracking, reporting, caching servers for distributed teams and better support for parallel development.


Note that all licenses purchased prior to the launch of PureCM 2009-2 give access to PureCM Professional.

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PureCM Roadmap - Have Your Say

There are a few features, which are already in development due to popular demand. These are planned to become available with PureCM 2010-1:


  1. Support for "SQL type" database backends: SQLite, SQL Server and MySQL.
  2. A solution for simple task-based development, allowing to focus on tasks only: raise, schedule, assign, resolve, (merge), test, release. Contact me to beta-test this feature!


Besides these changes, we're interested to learn about your point of view: Which area of the tool should be addressed with priority? Which features do you miss most?


Have your say and get involved in the future direction of PureCM! The survey only takes a few minutes and is open until 18th December 2009. Simply follow the link below to learn more.


The results will be shared with all takers to foster ongoing discussion, which we will also bring to our blog. Thank you for your participation!


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Did you know?

...that you can synchronise a workspace back to any changeset?

Hunting a bug? Synchronise your PureCM workspace back to any changeset to check when your app was last working.
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...that you can move (unfinished) changes between workspaces?

No need to zip changes to pass them to your colleague or to move them to another workspace. Use shelving!
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