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Dear Reader,

Get connected. Collaboration is not just crucial between people, but also between applications. This is why we have launched multiple integrations both on our side and with technology partners, including tools like OnTime (bug tracking) or XML Spy just to name a few. On top of that, our .NET and Java APIs are now richer than ever, facilitating powerful custom integration.


The upcoming 2009-2 release continues along the same lines. Check out our beta downloads to test the new Visual Studio integration with full workspace capability (!) and the Windows Explorer plugin. It's still a beta release, so we're keen to learn about your experiences!


Last but not least, you will also see the introduction of two editions with the release of PureCM 2009-2: PureCM Standard and PureCM Professional. PureCM Standard will be the new entry level version of PureCM, excluding issue management, reporting and automated merging.


Current commercial licenses will of course remain valid as Professional licenses, giving existing customers ongoing access to all available features for the same prices as today. Actually, you can now get Professional licenses with an early bird discount until 15th October 2009!


Enjoy reading!


Kenji Sulzberger

PureCM.com Ltd


Get Connected!

Add-ons available from PureCM

Two new add-ons have been published on the PureCM website: The OnTime bridge and the FTP deployment service. While the OnTime bridge allows for automatic synchronisation of PureCM issues and OnTime work items, the FTP deployment service introduces automated deployment of changesets to target machines.


Learn more about the OnTime plugin >>

Learn more about the FTP deployment service >>

  Download a PureCM Add-On >>

Known and supported 3rd party integrations

While we have been busy developing our own add-ons, many integration partners have added PureCM integration to their tools. Here's a list of some known and supported integrations:


  1. Altova's XML Spy and UModel (rich XML and UML editors)
  2. Serlio's CaseComplete (use case modeling)
  3. VSoft Technologies' FinalBuilder (build automation)


If you are interested in getting PureCM integrations into your current tools, let their sales or support representatives know about your request (and give us a quick note to sales@purecm.com, too). We are happy to collaborate with their developers on an additional integration!


PureCM 2009-2 Beta available now

PureCM 2009-2 promises some exciting new integrations for Windows users in general, and Visual Studio users in particular.


The enhanced Visual Studio integration is a whole different proposition to today's SCC integration. Bringing familiar PureCM GUI views such as the changeset or the workspace explorer views into PureCM, this will allow developers to perform advanced PureCM operations in Visual Studio. Managing changesets or shelving? No problem.


On the other hand, the Windows Explorer plugin is most useful for developers working with many different tools and only needing access to basic functions such as checkout, submit or view history.


  Learn more about the PureCM 2009-2 beta >>

Did you know?

...that you can use PureCM's .NET and Java APIs for custom integrations?

PureCM's APIs support many workspace operations from 'create workspace' to 'checkout' and 'submit', or even triggers into its issue management. >> How do I get started with .NET? And with Java?

...that you can compare your workspace and server content with a simple click?

If you want to visually compare file and folder differences between your current workspace and the stream it is based on on the server, simply click on the "View outstanding changes" command. >> How do I do that?


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