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Dear Reader,

We hope that you have had a great Easter weekend. We would like to provide some piece of good news just as you are back at work: It's here - the 2009-1 release!


Being one of the most significant PureCM releases for years, many major enahncements and stability fixes have made it into 2009-1. We are all curious about how you will respond to this release. Of course there is feedback on betas, but the official release is always special. Please feel free to write to me at kenji@purecm.com to let us know what you think.


Together with the new 2009-1 release, we have also simplified our pricing. The starter pack is discontinued, but replaced by an easier to understand 1-user license. And the renewals have been fixed at the low starter pack rate of just $69 per user for any pack size. So as an existing user you will find yourself saving some valuable cash when renewing!


We are confident that the enhancements of the new release will find you well - and don't forget to have a look at our new regular "Did you know?" section with various hints about PureCM.


Enjoy reading!


Best regards,

Kenji Sulzberger


PureCM.com Ltd


PureCM 2009-1 Release

Available Now!

A lot of effort has gone into the 2009-1 release to make this the user friendliest PureCM version so far. The most visible change is certainly the redesigned GUI, which provides task-specific views on the currently chosen repository. Important enhancements include:-


  1. Merge Paths allow to specify which changes need to be merged from one stream to another.
  2. Quick merge now allows merging any change on the server, automatically launching the resolve tool in case of conflicts
  3. Workspace rebasing allows basing an existing workspace on a different stream - which is much faster than creating a new workspace!


View the complete release notes.

  Download the 2009-1 release >>

New Online Demos

Watch our online demos to get an easy start with PureCM 2009-1. We have made the first videos available, which cover the new workspace view and some of the new merge path functionality.


More videos are in the pipeline, but let us know if you would like to see a demo about a specific issue.

  Watch the 2009-1 online demos >>

Updated Pricing

Together with the release of PureCM 2009-1, we have also simplified our licensing. PureCM licenses are now available in the following pack sizes:


1 user, 5 users, 10 users, 25 users, 100 users


The 1-user pack starts at $349, while all larger pack sizes include a volume discount.


At the same time, the Starter Pack (5-user) and the 15-user packs are no longer available.


Customers wishing to renew one of these license packs can do so by purchasing a 5-user renewal (for a Starter Pack) or a 5-user and 10-user renewal for a 15-user pack. All renewal prices have been reduced to $69 per license to bring down future renewal costs.


Note that renewal prices only apply when licenses are renewed before they expire. Please contact sales@purecm.com if you have any questions related to our updated pricing.

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DevWeek 2009 Impressions

PureCM exhibiting at DevWeek in London

This DevWeek exhibition was our first presence at one of the major developer conferences. Our objective is to get closer to our customers (and hopefully future customers), and an exhibition is an excellent place to do so.


We have had very insightful discussions with various delegates about their current issues in the area of SCM, while being able to showcase our latest 2009-1 release.


Of course, there was also a fun part involved in it, but just have a look at our blog. The bowling theme was not chosen incidentially, and you might get in contact with it again...


All in all, DevWeek has been a highly successful event, and we are strongly considering to attend further conferences in the near future - why not in the US? We will keep you up to date!

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Did you know?

...that you can choose the type of workspace in PureCM?

For maximal workspace performance when working connected to the server, choose the light workspace. If you are frequently working disconnected, choose the full workspace. >> How do I do that?

...that PureCM supports continuous integration out-of-the-box?

PureCM has got native integration with FinalBuilder and offers a free CruiseControl.NET plugin. The latter is available for download on our website. >> How do I do that?


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