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2009-1e Release Notes

This is a bugfix release. Please refer to the 2009-1 Release Notes to learn more about the major enhancements.


  • Stop progress flicker when performing very quick operation.
  • Support 'Resolve Interactively' and 'Resolve Using' when merging binary files.
  • Add files filters are now validated when added/updated.
  • Able to select multiple server files to unlock them all at once.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix intermittent connection problems after disconnecting and reconnecting to the server.
  • Fix errors when moving and then renaming a folder before submit.
  • Fix authentication errors if a username is changed without the password being changed.
  • Add 'pcm move' to 'pcm help'.
  • Fix Workspace Property Sheet tab traversal.
  • Non-workspace merge handles files deletes better.
  • Fix warnings when unshelving binary files into a workspace.
  • Enable 'Use File' buttons when unshelving into a workspace.
  • Fix potential invalid dates being generated in report xml.
  • Only generate a report once when right-clicking and selecting 'Generate'.
  • Fix potential invalid report xml after deleting users.
  • Non-workspace merge handles local encoding better.
  • Handle different encodings better within the Review Dialog.
  • Binary files with UTF-8 BOM added as binary files.
  • Fix bug where unable to delete file locks in components.
  • Fix potential errors when checking out files within components.


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