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2009-1b Release Notes

This is a bugfix release. Please refer to the 2009-1 Release Notes to learn more about the major enhancements.

General Enhancements

  • Launch 'Repository Selection Dialog' after registering a server.
  • Automatically launch 'Repository Creation Wizard' if no repositories.
  • Ability to perform issue actions from the tree context menu.
  • Simplify the 'Repository Creation Wizard' so it only asks for the name and stream name.

Bug Fixes

  • Merge handles multiple folder adds properly.
  • Fix occassional crash when accepting local version during merge.
  • Fix occassional crash on Visual Studio checkout.
  • 'Check Consistency Wizard' doesn't warn when checking out a modified file.
  • Fix UTF8 encoding bug when adding invalid UTF8 file.
  • Fix numerous problems when trying to views issues and not connected to the server.