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2009-2c Release Notes

This is a bugfix release. Please refer to the 2009-2 Release Notes to learn more about the major enhancements.


  • Handle UNC paths.
  • Show ignored files & folders as grey and non-added files & folders as red.
  • Ability to right-click an uncontrolled workspace folder and select 'Exclude'.
  • Ability to upload files from a folder after creating a new stream.
  • Ability to upload files from a folder for a blank stream.
  • Visual Studio 'Add Files to PureCM' message now has a 'No to All' option.
  • Implement 'Annotated History' toolbar button in Visual Studio.
  • Changeset Dialog toolbar button renamed from 'Save' to 'Merge' when merging a changeset.
  • Auto-merge warning states that each change will be merged separately.
  • Workspaces created with the command line are given a friendly name.
  • Better help text when resolving binary files in the Resolve Tool.
  • Check the 'Ignore File Paths' on the server when adding new files.
  • Unable to add an ignored file/folder.
  • Friendly error message when trying to add a user/group with a non-unique name.
  • Automatically resize GUI columns after adding new items.

Bug Fixes

  • Don't allow changesets to be submitted without a description.
  • Always hide progress bar on finish.
  • 'Ignore File Paths' policy is case insensitive on Windows.
  • Fix bugs with rebasing a multi-user workspace.
  • Fix bug where the incorrect differences are shown in the Visual Studio.
  • Fix crash when submitting with a conflict in Visual Studio.
  • Fix GUI refresh issues on workspace folders after rebasing the workspace.
  • Fix error message when renaming a non-added folder in the GUI.
  • Fix bug where component changes are not appearing as pending in merge paths.
  • Fix bug where rollback was not appearing as pending in a merge path.
  • Handle corrupt cvs databases better during import.
  • Handle localization better when importing a cvs database.
  • Fix SCC crashes.
  • Reconnect when using SCC after being disconnected.


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