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PureCM's 2008-2 release makes a powerful but easy to use software configuration management tool a reality

The new PureCM 2008-2 release is a next step to minimise training and administration time needed to use an SCM tool. With completely redesigned Eclipse and Visual Studio plugins, working with PureCM has become easier again.

Both plugins allow developers to work in their familiar environment, where most day-to-day activities can be performed. The face lifted GUI is only needed for advanced tasks such as managing branching and merging, or implementing task automation.

Further enhancements include:

  • New CruiseControl.NET plugin. This plugin complements the already existing FinalBuilder integration and is particularly useful for companies implementing agile principles. Using build automation, frequent or continuous integration becomes a powerful way to realise productivity gains in the development process.
  • Visualising differences and merging MS Word files. Many companies use Word to document their software products. Using PureCM means tracking documentation changes without the need of manual versioning. This is easier, safer and faster than any solution without version control.
  • More powerful shelving. Developers can use shelving to checkpoint unfinished work on the server or to pass it to colleagues for completion. Shelving does not integrate the changes into the codeline, but keeps them save on the server. With the new 2008-2 release, shelving is now possible across different branches as well.
  • Improved management of shared components. The major features needed to manage shared code components have been reviewed. Components can be added or deleted without losing the file history, and can contain subfolders to form a component hierarchy.

"Our aim is to provide our customers with a tool that helps them to improve the flexibility and productivity of their software development," explains Stephen Worthington, Senior Developer at PureCM. "Depending on your role you just pick the environment where you feel comfortable and where you are most productive. This might be Eclipse or Visual Studio for developers or the PureCM GUI for Integration Managers. And for all advanced tasks, we have face lifted the PureCM GUI to make working with it simpler as well!"

Built-in flexibility

This is why the 2008-2 release represents PureCM's values so well. PureCM was designed to combine ease-of-use and flexibility. Task-based configuration management, build automation and simple but powerful branching and merging are among its core features - characteristics desperately needed in today's agile shops.

PureCM is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, starting from $200 per license including support and maintenance for one year. Please visit the PureCM website www.purecm.com for further details about the latest release.


About PureCM

PureCM is a Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution that controls and tracks changes to digital assets. PureCM facilitates and accelerates development in team environments offering task-based version control, build automation and stream-based branching and merging. Complete with integrated Issue Management functionality, PureCM can be tailored to any development and change management process.

Both the PureCM client and server are available across multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Offering native integration with Visual Studio(R) and Eclipse, PureCM is easy to use and easy to deploy, and thus particularly well-suited for today's dynamic environment.



Date: 22/07/2008
Contact: Kenji Sulzberger, e: kenji@purecm.com, t: +44 1625 660 824


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