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New OnTime bridge available

07 July 2009 - PureCM has released its first issue tracking connector, the OnTime bridge. This solution allows users to tightly integrate the two solutions to get a complete and seamless insight into their development process, improving transparency and team collaboration.

The PureCM OnTime Bridge is a Windows Service which periodically synchronises OnTime defects, enhancements, and incidents with PureCM issues. So when a defect is assigned to a developer, a PureCM issue is automatically created. When the developer submits his/her work associating the PureCM issue, the OnTime defect is automatically updated.

This solution combines the strenghts of the two tools, making use of OnTime's release planning and help desk functionality, while fully supporting automated reviews and status updates using PureCM.

Click here to learn more about the new OnTime brigdge.


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