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Task Tracking

Capture business requests as features or tasks to get better development visibility. With PureCM Professional, you get end-to-end insight into your project lifecycle while making life easier for team members by automating important steps.

Project Insight Based on Business Requests

Be able to say exactly which business request has made it into a specific release. When was it first introduced? Which other releases contain it? This is possible with PureCM Professional, as all activities are task based. If a change is too large for a single task, simply group them into features or folders.

Task Workflow for Real-Time Updates

PureCM tasks follow a simple workflow, so their status is always reflected in real-time. How many tasks are unscheduled, assigned, in progress or completed? Get this information at any time and for any level: across multiple projects, for a specific project or simply for the current release or iteration. Exporting your current status is no problem. After all, you want to be able to share your success.

Facilitated Collaboration

Collaboration is much about sharing information. With PureCM Professional, you can give team members access to the current project planning, so they can instantly see for which release new features are scheduled - regardless of their location. Users can easily create new tasks or take over a task in progress from their colleague on sick leave; all they need is the relevant permissions.

Automated Workspace Mapping

Letting developers know which code base to work from is crucial; even more with distributed teams. PureCM tasks 'know' which code they are based on once they are scheduled for a specific version. Populating a private workspace with the correct code and linking the changes to the task literally requires a single click on the 'start' button.

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