Fully integrated planning, tracking and configuration management solution PureCM 2010-1 Professional; now with the added scalability of SQL Server as its database backend.

See how you can plan your releases, schedule tasks, manage change and track progress throughout your development lifecycle – while staying lean and agile.

Intuitive release planning





PureCM Professional allows you to plan your releases or set up a staging hierarchy intuitively. Whether you’re working with annual releases or weekly sprints, it's fully supported in PureCM.

Simply create your versions and facilitate tasks scheduling using drag & drop. Use project backlogs to prioritise your work and keep your project view tidy.

Effective task management





Create tasks and schedule them against your versions. Group tasks to reflect a work item hiearchy and automate work with feature branches. PureCM features are created and kept up to date automatically to minimise overhead.

Features make it easy to keep your code line release-ready for managers and developers alike, even with hundreds of feature branches.

Flexible parallel development





Make sure you can easily assure maintenance of a live release while developing the next. PureCM automatically tracks changes made to an active version, so they can be easily applied to any related version.

As PureCM is fully task-based, you can see on a single mouse click into which release(s) a change or fix has first made it.

Complete task and source code history





PureCM’s full integration provides unmatched transparency for developers and managers alike. Every action from changing a priority or rescheduling a task down to the resulting code change is fully tracked.

And with the new reporting capabilities in 2010-1 SQL Server, development managers get burndown reports to keep track of progress.

Screaming performance





Frequent releases make an automated build and (unit) test cycle necessary. PureCM fully integrates into popular build tools such as CruiseControl.NET or FinalBuilder to support build automation and continuous integration.

PureCM takes project snapshots instantly, supporting thousands in one repository. And the rich client is highly optimised for scalability and distributed development.

Fully-featured IDE integration





Developers like to get the information where they are used to work: within their IDE. This is why PureCM includes enhanced plugins with Visual Studio and Eclipse, as well as the standard SCC plugin.

Users working with the enhanced VS plugin can get the annotated history, browse their tasks or shelve their changes to facilitate collaboration.

Want to know more?

Learn more about the PureCM 2010-1 features by accessing the free resources: Read the best practices white paper or watch the 6 minute online demo.

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