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SCM and Version Control Solutions

Looking back at the history of version control systems it can be seen that a lot of improvements have been made to support the growing complexity of collaborative software development. There really are two major challenges: How to solve the complex problems associated with parallel development and how to present the solution to users in a way they will actually want to use it every single day.

Project Centric Version Control

Software development has two types of data. The technical data, source code, database scripts and other file based assets. The meta layer is all the project tracking data. The idea behind managing and executing a software project using the project centric approach means relying on meta-data to describe both what is happening from the project view and at the technical layer.

The two are married together in PureCM in a unique way and the advantage is that both problems are solved. Users will not have to face the uncertainty of overly complex branching and merging and can work at the technical layer, the source code changes, directly through the meta layer.

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