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Feature Perforce Subversion Visual Source Safe PureCM Professional
Project Visualisation
Familiar file and folder view Yes Yes Yes Yes
Task-Based Development supporting work item hierarchies       Yes
Ability to link work items to projects/versions/features       Yes
Assign and prioritise work items       Yes
Synchronise work items with 3rd party issue tracking tools Yes     Yes
Share folders between projects     Yes Yes
Visualise linked locations for shared folders       Yes
Graphical differencing tool Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annotated file history (blame) Yes Yes   Yes
Real-time work item status reporting Yes     Yes
Task-based burndown and developer reports       Yes
Live checkout tracking Yes     Yes
Uniform cross-platform GUI Yes     Yes
Parallel Development
Branch inheritance       Yes
Automatically create feature branches       Yes
Allow for automatic feature branch updates       Yes
Customisable merge automation       Yes
Merge multiple changesets as one Yes Yes   Yes
Merge selected changesets only (cherry picking) Yes Yes   Yes
Merge tracking throughout the project hiearchy Yes Yes   Yes
Merge tracking on task level       Yes
Visual branch/folder diff Yes     Yes
Private developer workspaces Yes Yes   Yes
Automated workspace mapping based on work item       Yes
Switch workspaces while preserving changes       Yes
Shelving Yes     Yes
Full move-rename support across branches       Yes
Distributed Development
Out-of-the-box support for distributed development Yes Yes   Yes
Efficient data transfer Yes Yes   Yes
Support for data encryption Yes Yes   Yes
Proxy server to cache data for remote teams Yes Yes   Yes
Centralised proxy server administration Yes     Yes
Access file history when disconnected       Yes
Define multiple changesets revisions when disconnected Yes Yes   Yes
Security and Interfaces
Atomic commits Yes Yes   Yes
Policy-based security Yes Yes Yes Yes
User/password authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows Active Directory authentication Yes   Yes Yes
Linux PAM authentication   Yes   Yes
Inherited and customisable permissions down to file level Yes     Yes
Free and embedded database (e.g. SQLite) Yes Yes   Yes
Support for SQL Server databases       Yes
Visual administrator interface Yes   Yes Yes
.NET and Java APIs       Yes
Plugin manager       Yes
Command line interface Yes Yes   Yes
Platform Support
Mac OS X Yes Yes   Yes
Linux Yes Yes   Yes
Solaris Yes Yes   Yes
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes

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