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Scalability and Cross-Platform Support

Your business will grow and you want a solution to grow with it. Want to add more projects or users? Keen to move to another platform? PureCM will be with you every step of the way.

NEW - Configurable Database Backend

Starting with the 2010-1 release, PureCM will support multiple database backends to make life easier for administrators. Currently, the pre 2010-1 custom database, as well as SQLite and SQL Server are supported. This gives administrators the choice between using an embedded database or making use of existing intrastructure.

Scalable Database

A PureCM server can manage multiple repositories, which in turn can hold multiple projects. This is also why our repositories scale to terabyte size each. Got unrelated projects? You're free to create multiple repositories to extend capacity. And, with PureCM storing only compressed deltas for any file type, its scalability and data-transfer performance are even better.

Connect Hundreds of Users

Want to handle hundreds of client connections at once? Thanks to the design of PureCM's client/server architecture, you can. Users can connect directly to the server or through one or more PureCM proxy servers available with PureCM Professional.

Multi-Platform Support

PureCM supports Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X platforms for both server and client. Combine them however you want, as your needs dictate. The GUI client can be used for both client and server operations with the same look and feel across platforms, while the command line client allows for simple automation.

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