PureCM Quick tour

Starting to work with a new SCM solution is a big step. This is why a lot of effort has been put into giving you a jump start. PureCM installs in minutes and imports existing CVS, Perforce, Subversion and Visual Source Safe repositories to preserve your history. Or just import the last version of your code to start from scratch.

PureCM Professional provides you with a single view to manage your release planning and keep up to date with project status. Working with iterations or milestones? Doesn't matter, you can fully customise it. And thanks to PureCM's support for distributed development, you can collaborate from virtually anywhere.

Once assigned, scheduled tasks appear on the developer dashboard. Thanks to its tight integration, PureCM can automatically populate developer workspaces with the code needed to work on a task.

With PureCM Professional's task tracking, you'll be able to get an end-to-end view from creation and property changes to completion. Even merges are fully tracked across the whole project hierarchy.

Time to take a QA snapshot. Check the project history to see which completed tasks have made it into the build and directly access the change details from there.

While looking at the project history, you might want to know which files and folders where changed between two versions or snapshots. No problem, just use one of the numerous PureCM visualisation tools!

PureCM fully integrates with Visual Studio, Eclipse and any other tool supporting the SCC interface. Developers are enabled to perform advanced and day-to-day source control operations within their IDE. This makes it easy for your team to get started, allowing them to focus on what they need to do: developing great solutions.

Your SCM tool needs to be easy to install and easy to use - but what about security and administrative overhead? PureCM is known to need less than one administrator for hundreds of users, thanks to its policy-based administration. Read and write policies can be defined against users and groups on any level; from repository to project, folder and even file level.

Even when setting up one or more Proxy Servers to cache data for distributed teams, all administration remains centralised and easy to handle.