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PureCM Professional

Project Planning, Task Tracking and Configuration Management

Becoming more agile and productive is a challenge for any development team. Delivering software more frequently and in smaller bits is what gets you there, and PureCM Professional is your solution to make this happen.

Get end-to-end agility and visibility with fully integrated planning, tracking and change control.

Improved Responsiveness

Support agile principles such as agile planning in short iterations. PureCM Professional allows you to schedule features and tasks with simple drag & drop from project backlogs.

Frequent delivery also means having a release-ready code line at any time, which is facilitated by the strong support for feature branches. Isolating features has never been easier.

Finally, PureCM Professional simplifies build automation and continuous integration to provide teams with the fast feedback they need to become agile.

Better Collaboration

Facilitate distributed development and team collaboration with better project insight. With PureCM Professional, project statuses and notifications are in real-time.

Fully integrated task tracking assures end-to-end visibility showing the full task history from creation to completion, giving unmatched context to any code changes made.

Simple yet powerful security polices and user permissions make sure your most valuable assets are fully protected and workflows enforced.

Performance and Scalability

Frequent builds and releases might result in a large number of project snapshots or release branches. With PureCM Professional, you create them in seconds.

PureCM's rich client reduces load on the server and infrastructure requirements, as well as facilitating remote and disconnected use. Or speed up remote teams by deploying caching servers.

Worried about scalability? Don't be. PureCM supports SQL Server or SQLite databases, multiple terabytes of data and hundreds of connections.

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