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Purchase FAQs


When I purchase license packs, do I have to re-install the software I have used during the evaluation period?

No. You can carry on using your installed version of PureCM. You will just need to enter the new license keys.

Does my free 2-user license stay valid when I buy additional commercial licenses?

No, unforunately not. The free 2-user license is valid for both standard and professional licenses, so mixing them with purchased licenses does not make much sense. We believe that our pricing still makes it attractive to purchase licenses as you outgrow the free license.

I only have 5 developers but they use two machines. Do I need to puchase licenses for each machine they use?

It depends on whether all developers use the two machines at the same time. If a developer use one machine one week and another machine the next week then you will only need one license. Each connection will expire 6 hours after disconnecting, so making the license available again for another user or machine. If a developer use the two machines at the same time then you will need to purchase 2 licenses for that developer.


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I would like to evaluate both editions. Is this possible with the default 5-user trial license?

Yes. PureCM will let you choose the edition you would like to evaluate initially at the first start up. This will automatically set polices accordingly. Thereafter, you can change the policy settings found in "Policy Admin" at any time to activate or deactivate PureCM Professional features.

Can I mix both PureCM Standard and Professional licenses on the same server?

No. Adding Professional licenses will replace any existing Standard licenses. For example, if you have 5 standard licenses and add 5 professional licenses, you will be able to use the 5 Professional licenses only. This is actually how the upgrade works (see below).

I have purchased Standard licenses but would like to try the Professional edition. Can I get a trial?

Of course. The easiest way to do so is to contact our sales team, which will provide you with any number of Professional licenses valid for a limited period. This will allow you to use your existing PureCM server to evaluate PureCM Professional. We would recommend you create a new repository with evaluation users and an evaluation policy set to isolate your evaluation from production use.

Do I have to reinstall PureCM when upgrading from Standard to Professional?

No. You can simply contact us to get your upgrade licenses. Add them to PureCM, which will automatically override your Standard licenses with the Professional licenses. Then, go to "Policy Admin" to activate the professional features you want to use, e.g. issue tracking or reporting.

I couldn't find Non-Developer licenses for the Standard edition. Have I missed something?

No, this is correct. PureCM offers Non-Developer licenses for its Professional edition to allow users to access content and work with issues. As issue management is not available in the Standard edition, it does not make sense to offer Non-Developer licenses for this edition.

There are no downgrade licenses. How do I do so?

We are sorry to hear that you intend to do so. Downgrading with ongoing support and maintenance is only possible upon expiry of your current Professional licenses. Simply contact our sales team, which will provide you with Standard licenses for the cost of a regular Standard license renewal. Note that you will need to delete your Professional licenses after you have added your received Standard licenses to complete your downgrading.

Purchasing Process

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Is it possible to purchase license packs without using a credit card?

Yes. You can pay by cheque or wire transfer. Enter your details in the Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

There is a separate link for each license pack. How can I choose more than one?

You can click on the first license packs you need, which brings up our purchasing portal and puts your choice into your shopping basket. From there, just click on the "<< Continue Shopping" link to add another license pack.

License renewals

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After my license packs have expired can I continue using PureCM?

Yes. After your license packs expire you can continue using the purchased version of PureCM indefinitely. You will not be able to upgrade to the next version or receive any support without purchasing new license packs.

How much is it to renew my licenses after they have expired?

The renewal price of a license pack is significantly less than purchasing new licenses, so renewals are a highly attractive option to get all updates and technical support for another year. However, they are only valid as long as you have active licenses. If you would like to renew after your licenses have expired, we would ask you to purchase new licenses again.

Can I renew a license with a renewal license for less users?

Yes. For example If you originally had a license for 25 users but only need a renewal for 10 users then you could purchase a 10 user renewal license. If, however, you required a license for more users then you would purchase a 25 user renewal license and a new license for the additional users.


Payment Options

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB When you pay by credit card, your order will be processed immediately

Non-Developer Users

Non-developer users are users that do not have permission to use workspaces (i.e. checkin/submit). By disabling the 'Developer User' policy for the policyset that a user belongs to, the user becomes a non-developer.

One Year Support

When purchasing PureCM the support period will, in most cases, actually be more than one year.

PureCM support runs on a quarterly basis and the initial support period will run one year from the next quarterly period.