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Project Management

Whether you're looking after one or 20 projects, PureCM Professional keeps your planning simple and transparent. As both planning and configuration management data is held in the same repository, you get an unmatched end-to-end view on all your projects.

Full Support for Agile Planning

PureCM Professional can easily deal with multiple projects, supporting intuitive drag & drop scheduling. As a development manager, you can plan with releases, iterations and backlogs for each project. Their naming is fully customisable, so have your team progress through the stages regardless of whether you call them iterations, sprints or milestones.

Real-Time Status Tracking

Most status updates in PureCM are automated and thus reflected in real-time. What's more, development managers can filter status reporting from programme to project, release and iteration level to know exactly what has been completed (or not). Task status lists can be easily exported for custom reporting in third party applications.

NEW - Burndown and Developer Status Reports

On top of real-time status reporting, PureCM Professional now includes reporting templates to visualise performance over time. Know how the number of open and closed tasks have developed over time. Get a better estimate about how much will be completed at the release date. Or see who is working on which tasks - all with a single mouse click.

Role-Based Notifications

When defining planned releases and scheduling tasks, PureCM Professional will support ownership. As a result, users will get notifications straight to their task dashboard. For a release manager owning one or more releases this might be about pending integrations into their release, while a development manager can be notified about a completed feature ready for code review.

Powerful Filters to Simplify Navigation

Any object used in PureCM has got at least an open and complete status to facilitate filtering. To focus on current and future releases for planning, simply hide completed ones. However, show them again if you need to look at the full history, e.g. to retrieve any past configuration or to satisfy your IT audits.

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